Pearls: God is Closer!—Place Your Attention Upon Saint Germain

Saint Germain, The Greater Way of Freedom 1975

So close is the darkness of World Communism, of all that would tear down the light of freedom!  So close is the assailing of the Christ flame!  But I tell you, God is closer!  In the prison cell, in the dark night, God is closer!  God is the invincible flame of victory that will consume on contact all that rages against the Mother within you.

Now I will give you a secret of alchemy.  When you feel the momentums of opposition, the weight of oppression and depression, of the density of the mass consciousness, when you feel the irritation of the fallen ones who come unseen with their barbs of energy to disturb your peace in the day and in the night, know that the flow of your attention upon me, Saint Germain, upon the ascended masters, and upon the I AM Presence is the light over which the fire of freedom flows.

This flow of energy will give you the indomitable will to conquer the fiery flow of destiny to be!  It will give you the light of the ages to anchor the light of the flame of the Mother.  And you will feel transmutation’s fires pouring through you, pouring through you to consume the cause and core of that energy which rages beneath your feet and all around you, threatening, as the rattling of sabers, to swallow up the light and the fire of a cosmic destiny.

From: The Dedication of the Rakoczy Mansion dictation in the book The Greater Way of Freedom, 1975

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Pearls: Saint Germain on the Economy

Saint Germain on the Economy

If you ask me why the economy of America is in such a disastrous state, I will tell you that it is because not enough people care for God or for one another. They see solutions only in terms of more money and more government control and the regulation of life. But without heart or attunement with the threefold flame of Life, the light of God does not flow to meet the needs of the people.

(Use) my mantra for the healing of the economies of the nations, “I AM the Light of the Heart.” It takes many hearts to make one great heart of light that becomes the heart of a nation

…Now rally as minutemen and women of the flame of freedom and take my mantra of the heart as a perpetual mantra that flows through the mind even as it flows through the arteries of commerce, business, banking, and that Federal Reserve system which is the “non-reserve” of the nation’s money system.

You have heard of the perpetual prayer of the pilgrim of God. “Pray without ceasing” is the answer that I give to those who cry out for deliverance from the oppressive weight of the top-heavy economy.

…Alternate it with that old-time favorite to Helios and Vesta, to the sun center of the flow of the abundant life, and let us see what we can still do to stave off impending destruction.
There are some economists in America who have seen the dangers for years. They wonder why the collapse has not already occurred. I will tell you, my beloved. A little violet flame goes a long, long way. Legions of light multiply your calls to the violet flame hour by hour and apply the sacred alchemy of the law of transmutation to the problems of the economy.
Angels of the seventh ray and “experts” in the application of the law of Christhood to the day-to-day problems of economics are working diligently at inner levels to heal the wounds in the body politic of the nations. Thus we repeat that it is in the influx of the sacred fire in an accelerated and rolling momentum of the violet flame invoked by Keepers of the Flame, as well as in specific calls for the economy, that the answer is given.

Contrary to all of the powerful opinions of the worldly, it is in fact the light of the devotees of the ascended master teachings as well as the light of the pure prayers of all children of God that today holds together the international economy. We seek to translate this light into a practical and effective plan for a new economic foundation to be implemented in the United States and in the nations of the earth.

(Copyright Church Universal and Triumphant Vol. 23 No. 7 February 17, 1980)

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New for the Amazon Kindle Reader: In My Own Words: Memoirs of a Twentieth-Century Mystic

While available already in print, Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s “In My Own Words: Memoirs of a Twentieth-Century Mystic” is now available in the Amazon Kindle format for immediate download.

For those who’ve never heard of the Kindle, it’s a hardward device that is effectively an electronic library that is shaped like a trade paperback book, albeit slightly heavier.  Features include incredibly long batter life, extremely readable, even in bright sunlight and the ability to purchase, read and manage your books all on the device.

For more information about this book and how to get a Kindle to read it on, check the book’s Amazon page.

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The Science of the Spoken Word

Well-written article from the Hub Pages:

The Sacred Word AUM is God

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God” (verse from the Gospel of John, Holy Bible).

“In the beginning was Brahman, with whom was the Word; and the Word was truly the supreme Brahman” (verse from the Rik Veda, ancient Hindu text).


Guru Ma says, “Each of the letters of the AUM stands for a component of our divinity. Each letter is intended to be sounded separately. When we blend the trinity, we intone simply the AUM. Past, present, and future form the Trinity. We are all that we are as past, as present, as future realization of the AUM. In the East the Hindus refer to the Trinity as Brahma. Vishnu and Siva; and in the West- Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The concept is the same.”

Sources: The Science of the Spoken Word, by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Copyright 1965. Summit University Press, Livingston Montana.

Read More.

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Aquarian Path – Lightbearers walking the sacred path

Saint, Sages and Mystics have long heralded the Age of Aquarius as the age of alchemy, transformation and creativity. They have prophesied it will be a cycle of technological progress and spiritual advancement unlike any other. But, the Aquarian Age begins with us–each one finding a spiritual path that can easily be integrated into our daily lives.

Visit the site here.

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New Book: “In My Own Words – Memoirs of a Twentieth-Century Mystic”

Now, for the first time, the real story…in her own words.

From modest beginnings, Elizabeth Clare Prophet rose to become one of the world’s most compelling, charismatic and controversial spiritual leaders. Her life and accomplishments have been chronicled by others.

But never, until now, has there been a firsthand account.

In this book, Elizabeth Clare Prophet tells the story of the search for her life’s mission during her first twenty-two years. It provides an unflinching view of the struggles and the triumphs that helped to define her life.

“One day when I was visiting Red Bank, Mother and I were sitting alone at the kitchen table talking about years gone by. . . . Suddenly she turned to me and said, “Betty Clare, I have a confession to make. . . .” By now my heart was pounding. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.”—EXCERPT

This memoir is a glimpse into the life and character of an extraordinary figure in New Age spirituality. It offers an intimate look into what it means to be a mystic in the today’s world.

# Paperback: 256 pages
# Publisher: Summit University Press (January 1, 2009)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 1932890157
# ISBN-13: 978-1932890150
Buy at

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Let Your Heart Be Your Guide

It seems that the world is full of mystics and prophets and would-be saints. They are here, because so many of us are asking questions about our spiritual natures. So, naturally, everywhere we turn, someone has “the answer”.

Amidst an often chaotic jumble of spiritual messages, beliefs and practices, it is difficult, to say the least, to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff.

The acid test of the value of any message promising spiritual enlightenment is to ask two basic questions; one personal, the other practical.

First question: Where am I going?

For those of us with a serious desire to “come up higher”, this question may be answered by identifying our life’s goals. Do we want to know God? Do we recognize the existence of our soul and its potential to expand, to transcend the human theater and ascend to higher planes of consciousness?

By whatever terms and definitions we choose to apply a higher meaning to our lives, the answer to the question of where we are going can be seen through our goals.

And having a goal or destination, we must next ask ourselves if what we are being told or taught will help us achieve our goals and get us where we’re we want to go.

To put this question in its simplest terms, we may simply ask ourselves:

Will “this” (whatever it is) get me there?

Regarding the teachings delivered by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, the question of where we are going might be summarized this way: we are divine souls with the potential to become the Christ, and our path is one of transcending the earthly human plane to reunite with the heart of God.

For decades, Elizabeth Clare Prophet has given us directions for our spiritual quest through the teachings of the saints and sages of East and West, known to us as the Ascended Masters.

Both Mrs. Prophet and her church have always recognized and respected the truth in all of the world’s religions. There is no proverbial ax to grind, nor has there ever been a hidden agenda behind the dissemination of the Ascended Masters’ teachings.

It is for truth and truth alone that these wonderful messages have been made available to the world.

This is liberation theology in its truest and most basic sense.

For those who read biased and outdated press information about The Summit Lighthouse or read highly subjective and factually inaccurate biographical material from a daughter who has issues being the offspring of a famous mother, then the quality of the message from Mrs. Prophet can be easily misconstrued, discounted or obscured altogether.

But the truth—and true value—of the message must be viewed in its own light, and not through flawed and fractured lens. Our souls know the truth, and that truth can be perceived in answer to the second question above: Will this get me there?

Each person’s answer to this question will be clear if read in the heart.

The teachings that Mrs. Prophet delivered—and continues to deliver today through her many published writings available worldwide in 29 languages—contain the blueprint for graduation from Earth’s challenging schoolroom. They tell us plainly where we’re going…and how to get there.

For those of us who count ourselves blessed to have come into contact with these teachings, no amount of opposition could ever be enough to mar their purity or value.

The world yearns to know the truth, for the truth, indeed, will set you free.

Reading “In My Own Words: Memoirs of a Twentieth Century Mystic,” one is struck immediately by the very human nature of this remarkable woman and spiritual teacher. Here is someone we can truly relate to, not some remote and untouchable icon of the New Age. And, in gaining this highly personal glimpse of this highly visible figure, we come to understand something of the path we all share.

Through a series of both ordinary and extraordinary experiences and encounters, the mileposts of Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s life and mission come into focus. Her story is inspirational and uplifting, primarily because of what we learn about her own human nature. Through her words, we are able to see ourselves. And, through her choices, we are able to see something noble and holy about our human lives and our divine potential.

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Books: New Book by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

We found this new book In My Own Words: Memoirs of a Twentieth-Century Mystic by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

In 1991, Mrs. Prophet and members of her editorial staff first began working on this autobiography. The book was not completed at that time, but their research and writing continued over the next few years.

Half of this book is drawn from Mrs. Prophet’s original writing for the project. The remainder, from original outline, has been filled in by material compiled from her many published and unpublished lectures and interviews.

Covering 22 years–more complete than any other book–it’s a rare insight into her life.

You can buy this book at their publishing website.


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Podcast: Life as a Path of Initiation

The eleventh episode in the Inner Perspectives Series is “Life as a Path of Initiation”.

What’s the purpose of life?

Is Jesus’ life relevant to our life today?

What is initiation?

What is the meaning of the spiritual path?

What does the secret of abundance have to do with the Buddhist precept of “right living?”

Where to Get More Info

  • You can get subscribed to this series and all the individual episodes by loading iTunes and going to the iTunes Store, where you search for “The Summit Lighthouse” without the quotes.
  • Also, you can find all the New Media offerings from TSL on the Multimedia page at
  • The series transcripts are also available online so you can read the text and do searches, the Main Inner Perspectives Page leads to the Table of Contents where individual episode transcripts are linked.
  • Inner Perspectives is also available as a printed book, which can be found on Amazon, check the Used/New section for some good deals.

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A Squidoo Lens on the Mystical Paths of the World’s Religions

“If there is common ground among the world’s religions, it is to be found in mysticism. Adventurers of the spirit, the mystics have dared to push beyond the boundaries of orthodox tradition to pursue a common goal: The direct experience of God. Mystics long to see God, to know God, to be one with God—not in the hereafter, but in the here and now. And they teach that while you may seek him in temple or mosque or church, you must ultimately find him in your own heart.”—Elizabeth Clare Prophet, from Kabbalah, Key to Your Inner Power.

Includes “Great Stuff on Amazon” and “Your Divine Self” YouTube video

See the Squidoo Lense here.

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